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#4822872 Aug 20, 2011 at 01:06 AM
Name Main Character:


Class, Level and Race Main Character:

65 Man Warden SM Talior

Please list any alternative characters you may have. Name, Class, Level and Race:
•Kezwen 65
•SM woodworker

Are you able to attend 2-3 raids a weeks?
(Thursdays and Sundays are main raiding days):Yes

Real Name:Adam



If you were referred to this kinship by someone, please state who:N/A

Last visited Kinship and why you left:The Ghosts Of Gondolin. Dying Kin only a 5/6 left now

Do you have Team Speak 3 installed and a working microphone?


Why would you like to join Extinction?

Done everything else in the game and want to raid

What is your previous raid experience?

Not a great deal as only done pugs and had a time where we joined with another kin to raid but still fell short of players

What do you think you can contribute to the kinship?

Im easy going laid back and easy going will make anything fun

Anything else you wish to add for us to know about:

My warden is a bad arse
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#4841909 Aug 24, 2011 at 01:43 AM · Edited 11 years ago
Kinship Leader
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Hello Pasinaus, ive just noticed your application and i am affraid you have applied on our old kinship sites, plz re apply here
by clicking the apply to kinship button top left of the screen.

thank you...

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